Tools and Resources

If you are a developer or just a technology geek and any of these are new to you, check them out!

  • WebRTC - browser-based realtime communications
  • Bootstrap - Twitter's Web development framework
  • Firebug - a "must-have" Web development tool for Firefox
  • humans.txt - now humans get their own file to read (take that robots!)
  • jQuery - Javascript tamed.
  • jEdit - simple but powerful Java-based IDE
  • KickStarter - crowd-funded projects
  • Raspberry Pi - tiny computer running Linux
  • Arduino - open-source programmable microcontroller
  • Alicebot - conversational chat robot platform

Here are some of our favorite development tools & technologies:

  • HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • PHP, Perl, Java
  • MySQL, MS Access, SQL Server
  • Wordpress, Solr/Lucene, OAuth
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash
  • Corona, PhoneGap for iOS and Android